Service Offering

Stack and systems evaluation

  • Development of test cycles
  • Monitoring and evaluation of feed and product flows
  • Preparation of energy and material balances
  • Techno-economic evaluations
  • Performance degradation at nominal load vs. test profiles - Evaluation of degradation behavior
  • Identification of regeneration behavior
  • Material analyses after test operation
  • Pulsation effect of the compressor on electrolysis

Microstructure analysis

  • Accompanying research to monitor selected and particularly cost- and technology-relevant materials at the microstructural level over the entire life cycle as well as for all areas of the H2 value chain.
  • Determination of causal microstructure-property relationships for the evaluation of materials for their suitability, if necessary development of improvement or alternative proposals
  • Derivation of standard routines for analytics, including in-line analytics
  • Development of input parameters for digital images
  • Erarbeitung von Inputparametern für digitale Abbilder


  • Maintenance optimization (predictive maintenance - determination of replacement components, lifetime-optimized use/operation)
  • Control procedures
  • Economic efficiency considerations (advance calculations thanks to flexible simulations)

Certification and standardization of hydrogen technologies

  • Accompanying research for the (further) development of the necessary test and inspection controls
  • Material and technology development for compliance with certification requirements; technology development in the early stage of product development
  • Prototype testing of the hardware in advance of the certification process with corresponding research for further technological development; technology development in the late stage of product development
  • Carrying out the tests for data determination in the certification process

Production process - production of bipolar plates, automated stacking

  • Component and product analyses; clarification of material boundary conditions (input material: titanium, stainless steel), surface pretreatment and coating (PVD / VSP), accuracy and tolerance requirements
  • Technology development: forming and joining process chain and selection of suitable coating processes, definition of relevant quality parameters
  • Sensor technology: position recognition, defect detection
  • Tool and system concept: robot selection, clean room requirements, cycle time analyses
  • Inspection: pre-stressing, presence of all layers, leak tightness, surface inspection
  • Path planning: lifting, motion analysis under the influence of gravity, depositing procedure

Power Electronic

  • Development of medium frequency transformers
  • DC-DC converter (chopper technology) for parallel interconnection of electrolysis modules
  • Influence of current quality on aging behavior of cells
  • Thyristor development
  • Simulation for the integration of self-guided components

Pipe Storage

  • Design of the pipes for H2 storage and for dynamic loads.
  • Analysis of the susceptibility of the materials to corrosion
  • Determination of damage mechanisms, vibration measurement methods (spectral analysis), ultrasonic investigations, permeation analysis, surface measurements